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Conditional Sentence Type 2

Conditional Sentence Type 2 – Understand the meaning, form, and use of type 2 conditional sentences in the daily life context.

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You have already learned about type 1 conditional sentence in the previous lesson. In this lesson you will learn about type 2 conditional sentence in daily life context.

Understanding the Meaning of Type 2 Conditional Sentence

Type-2-conditional sentences are commonly used to talk about unreal and impossible conditions. It is called as unreal condition because there is no possibility that the condition stated in the sentence will happen. The sentence is on the contrary with the facts. You may ever imagine at present time about something that is impossible to happen.

Read the following example:

You want to go hiking, but your parents do not allow you to go because of bad weather. Or you imagine you go to the moon and build a satellite tower there, but in fact you are only common student so it is impossible to happen at present time.

Form of Type 2 Conditional Sentence

Conditional sentence consists of two clauses namely main clause and if clause. You can put the main clause as the first clause or in the second clause. Therefore, it’s not important which clause comes first. The tense in the ‘if’ clause is the simple past, and the tense in the main clause is the present. However, making type 2 conditional sentence requires to present the fact. It happens at the present time.
To construct second conditional sentence, you should pay attention to the form below:



  1. If he had a lot of money, he would buy a car.
    It means that he doesn’t have much money and he couldn’t buy a car.
  2. If you brought an umbrella, you would not get wet.
    It means that you get wet because you do not bring umbrella.
  3. If I were Agnes Monica, I would be famous.
    It means that I am not Agnes Monica and I am not as famous as her.

The sentences above explain how you try to imagine do something is contrary with the facts.

Let’s think!

If the “if” clause comes first, you should use a comma. You don’t need to put comma if the “if” clause comes second.

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