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Expressing Hopes

Expressing Hopes – At the end of the lesson, you will be able to use and respond the expression of hopes in an acceptable social context.

Learn about it!

Have you ever wanted to visit some places, to meet your favorite public figures, eat something you watch on television or anything you ever dream about? If your answer is yes, then you know what hope is. When you want something to happen and you think that what you want is possible to happen, that is hope.

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Read the following conversation, then practice it with a friend next to you.

Simon: Hello, Alut. How are you?
Alut : I am doing great, thanks. How is everything with you?
Simon: Everything’s doing well, thank you. Hmm, it is warm here.
Alut : Yes, warm.
Simon: It was snowing when I left Cordoba.
Alut: I hope I can visit Cordoba next time.
Simon: Good. Let me know when you are there.

We can also hope for something not to happen.

Zoe : Do you think it will rain?
Ila : I hope not. I have so many things to do.

You can hope for something and you can hope to do something. In fact, you can hope for anything as long as your hope is possible to happen. How do you say when you hope for something? Please refer to the following examples.

Do you understand?


  • I am hoping for a good weather on Saturday as I am leaving for Palu with my mother.
  • I hope it will not rain. I have electronic devices with me but I forgot my raincoat.
  • I hope that I can meet my husband as soon as possible.
  • She is hoping for a nice new cell phone.
  • I would like to get a new laptop this year.
  • I hope to be in Madrid next week.
  • Dian is hoping to receive a letter from the central office this week.
  • She hopes to win the writing competition.
  • Nanda hopes to be selected as the marketing manager at an insurance company.
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