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Expressing Prediction

Expressing Prediction

Learners are able to comprehend the expressions of prediction.
Learners are able to use the expressions of prediction.

Learn about it!

Two students are having conversation. They are discussing the national examination they will face next week.

Andy : Final examination is coming next week. I am afraid I cannot do it.
Nanda : Don’t be worried. You will definitely be able to do all the subjects well. I am sure because you have studied every day.

Based on the mentioned example, Nanda is saying something about what will happen to Andy in the national examination. It means, Nanda is making prediction. Nanda predicts that Andy will be able to do all examination, because Nanda knows that Andy has learned hard every day.

Pay attention to another example of how to make a prediction in English. The following is a conversation between two boys who are planning to play tennis.

Raka: Wira. Let’s practice tennis tomorrow morning. I want to prepare for the tennis competition that will be held next six months.
Wira: Well. I also want to practice tennis, but I am afraid we cannot do it tomorrow morning. This morning I watched the news, it is predicted that tomorrow morning will be rain. So, it is better for us to stay at home.

On the text, Wira is saying something that tomorrow will be raining; so it is better for the two of them to stay at home rather than play tennis. Wira is saying that information based on his knowledge after watching news on the television. It means that Wira is making prediction. Wira could predict that they cannot practice tennis since tomorrow will be rain.

From the examples before, the two dialogues contain the expression of making prediction. Making prediction means to say that an action or event will happen in the future especially as a result of knowledge or experience.

The following are other examples of expressions of making prediction:

  • I predict Anita will not come to the party.
  • We do not think the weather will be nice tomorrow to have a picnic.
  • I predict dollars currency will increase next month.
  • It is predicted that tomorrow will rain.
  • I am sure you can pass tomorrow’s exam.


  • Please remember that not all expressions of prediction contain word “predict” as a way to convey prediction.
  • The most important point of making prediction is that someone is saying that something will happen. Therefore, the use of word “predict” is unnecessary.

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