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Giving Suggestions and Comments

Giving Suggestions and Comments – Responding to the meaning in transactional (to get things done), interpersonal (social) officially and continued (sustained) conversation accurately, fluently, and in an acceptable way that uses a variety of languages spoken in the daily life context and involves speech acts: giving suggestion and comment

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In this lesson, you will learn about how to express suggestion and comment

Suggestion and Comment

You may often hear about suggestion and comment. They relates to problem. When you have a problem and you can’t think clearly, some friends or parents may give you suggestion to solve it. Or when you show your skill in playing instrument, they may give you comment about your performance and suggestion for what you should improve for the next show. Can you imagine when there is none gives you suggestion or comment? Yes, you won’t know how good or bad you are. Thus, getting suggestion and comment from others are important to make someone acts better.

  • Definition

Suggestion is an expression to express an idea which is suggested to someone for a particular purpose.
Comment is an opinion towards something which can be followed by explanation or reasons.

  • Purpose

Suggestion is commonly used to give an idea towards acts that someone should do, while comment is an opinion which is stated personally. Some people may accept suggestion. It has usually a good purpose for solving a problem or being better. But, comment probably has two side of views; good or bad.

Giving Suggestion

To understand how to use suggestion expression in the daily life, you should pay attention to the following context:

Formal Context

  • I suggest ….
  • You should ….
  • Maybe you should ….
  • May I suggest that ….
  • I would recommend that you ….


  • I suggest you to bring laptop.
  • You should go now before you miss the meeting.
  • Maybe you should check the computer to the service center or it will get worse.
  • May I suggest that you need to come earlier in the final exam?
  • I would recommend that you don’t need to ….

Informal Context

  • Why don’t you ….
  • I think you should ….
  • If I were you, I would ….


  • Why don’t you take English course?
  • I think you should sleep earlier
  • If I were you, I would participate in the competition

Responding to Suggestion

To respond to someone suggestion, pay attention to its context:
When you accept the suggestion, use these phrases:

  • Yes, I suppose I should
  • I think good way
  • Thanks, I’ll do it
  • It sounds good
  • I guess yes
  • Yes, I will
  • All right

When you feel that the suggestion is not good enough for you, use these phrase:

  • Oh, I don’t think it’s necessary
  • I don’t think so
  • I guess not

Example Conversation

Giana: What’s going on? You look so sad?
Dimas: I didn’t sleep last night?
Giana: What did you do?
Dimas: I had to finish Biology task.
Giana: Biology task? Why didn’t you work it on weekends?
Dimas: Yes. I planned to work it on weekends but I just remember last night.
Giana: I think you should take a note on your phone to remind you for any kind of tasks.
Dimas: Yes, I suppose I should.

Giving Comment

To understand how to use comment expression in the daily life, you should pay attention to the following context:

Formal Context

  • I firmly believe ….
  • Well, personally ….
  • I personally think ….
  • I personally consider ….
  • My own view of the matter is ….

Informal Context

  • I think ….
  • I don’t think ….
  • In my opinion ….
  • If you ask me, I feel ….
  • From my point of view ….
  • The way I see is that ….

Example Conversation

Edwin : I heard that you went to Cinema yesterday. What movie did you watch?
Nada : Yes. I watched Fast and Furious 7?
Edwin : What do you think about it?
Nada : In my opinion, it is the best movie I’ve ever watched.


  • When people discuss their problems, suggestions and comments are commonly shared.
  • Suggestions are statements that people say in order to solve certain issues or problems.
  • Comments are statements that people say in response to certain issues, problems, ideas, and other topics of conversation.
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