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Monologues of Various Types of Narrative Texts

Monologues of Various Types of Narrative Texts – Through this section you will learn various types of narrative texts

Learn about it!

Have you ever heard the word ‘narrative’? I believe students in grade XII have heard about that word many times. Narrative text has been learned since grade VII in junior high school.

You may still remember that the structures of narrative text are orientation, complication, resolution, and re-orientation. The samples of narrative text usually are fables, bedtime stories, or children’s stories. Is that what you learn about narrative? If we have learned about narrative texts since a long time ago, why do we have to learn about narrative texts (again)? Listen to the following text, and decide whether or not the oral text belongs to narrative text.

See it!

What do you think about the story? It sounds like a short story, summary of a novel, or an autobiography, right? Does it belong to a narrative text? Actually, the story that you just listened also belongs to a narrative text. As we know, the purpose of a narrative text is to tell a story and entertain readers/listeners. Anything can be a story and entertain readers/listeners as long as it fits the characteristics of a narration. What happened to you in the morning until afternoon can be a narrative text too. Yet, don’t forget that the structures of narrative text are orientation (introduction of characters and settings), complication (problems), resolution (how the problems are solved), and re-orientation (what happens after the problems are solved). Moreover, don’t forget that narrative texts usually use past tense, more active verbs, and time conjunction. If your story about what happened in the morning to afternoon doesn’t have those structures and language features, then your story can’t be a narrative text.

Do you understand?

Listen to the recording again. Take notes and decide the orientation, complication, resolution, and re-orientation of the story.





Answers :

  • Orientation : when Diamond tells about himself and what he usually did (Explanation Recording 2 – paragraph A and B)
  • Complication : when his parents were killed and the company was burnt (paragraph C)
  • Resolution : when he changed to be a better person (paragraph D)
  • Re-orientation : when he told what happens after the complication (paragraph 4)


  • Stories about adventure, mystery, fantasy, or history can be a narrative text too.
  • Think about two stories that you have read/listened, identify their generic structures and language features, and then decide whether or not they belong to narrative text.
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