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Novel Synopsis and Review

Novel Synopsis and Review



• Learners are able to comprehend the general story of the given novel
• Learners are able to describe the setting of story
• Learners are able to get the meaning of the story.

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Writing a novel review aims to retell the whole story using your own sentences. The goal of writing review is to give the readers brief summary of the overall story that is presented in the novel. By reading the review, the readers can simply understand what happens in the story after they have finished reading it. Therefore, they don’t have to read the whole pages of the novel.

In writing the novel review the described information may involve several aspects: the information of the author, the characters and the characterization, the settings, the plot, the key events told in the story, and finally the judgment.

Here is the detail of the description

The author: The writer, the genre, the publication
The character: The characters who runs the story
The characterization: The physical and psychological traits of the actors
The settings: The time/ place/ situation that become the background of the story
The plot: The flow of the story: how does the story start and end
The key events: The important events that give the soul to the overall story
The judgment: Our opinion about the novel to make sure that it is worth to read, and also our criticism if any.

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Here is an example of novel review

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This novel is written by Andrea Hirata. The story is talking about a group of poor children who study at Muhammadiyah Elementary School in tin mining area of Belitung Island1, East Sumatra. This old-tiny school is lacking in facilities. The Department of Education intends to shut it down if the number of the new students is less than ten students on the first day of the new semester. Luckily, Harun becomes the first hope for the future of the school because he enrolls in the school on the last minute before it will be closed. Harun’s participation gives happiness to the teachers because he makes the school keep going.

The name of rainbow troops is given to those ten schoolboys by their teacher named Mrs. Mus because they love to watch the rainbow. The troops are Ikal (the narrator of the story; the badminton lover), Mahar (the gifted student), Lintang (the genius), Harun (the impaired student), Sahara (Harun’s best friend), Samson (the body building lover), Akiong (the humble Chinese student), Syahdan (the unfashionable student), Kucai (the politic lover), Trapani (the handsome student), and Flo (the additional member of the troops since she is a transfer student).

Studying in a poor and remote school is not easy. Living in extreme poverty, the rainbow troops must take miles on their bicycles to get to the school. It takes energy and determination to stay educated but they never lose their spirit to come to their school and study. Moreover, because of the dedication from their teachers, the rainbow troops can have several triumphs for their school. On the celebration of the Independence Day, their school wins as the best costume performance during the parade.

For years, Muhammadiyah school never wins the parade. The competitor, PN School (The elite school) has always succeeded in bringing the trophy home. They also win the academic contest with other schools. As a matter of fact, people and the judges never think that the rainbow troops, the poor students who come from a miserable school could win the contest. However, these humble schoolboys never give up to their bad condition and dare to show to the world that THEY CAN. They believe in their selves that their extreme poverty and insufficient conditions do not stop them to be well educated.

As time goes on, the rainbow troops find their talent and get a successful life. They have good jobs and better lives. Syahdan becomes a network designer and gets a scholarship to achieve higher study at Kyoto University and now he is an IT manager in a multinational company. Flo studies at Sriwijaya University in the faculty of Teachers Training and Education. Mahar is keen on culture organization. And the other members find a better live that they will not achieve if they never study.

Reading this novel lits up the readers’ spirit to pursue education no matter what the challenge is. This novel is very inspiring especially for school children. It encourages them to dream and struggle in learning the life and to keep studying even when schooling seems so hard. There is always hope for brighter future we can achieve by studying.


  • The author of this novel is Andrea Hirata who is the narrator of this story.
  • The characters in this novel are a group of schoolboys; they are the rainbow troops who have unique characterization. Each of them has their own talent.
  • The story in this novel was set in rural tin mining village on Belitung Island in East Sumatra where the villagers live in extreme poverty.
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