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Understanding Movie Review

Understanding Movie Review

• Learners are able to comprehend the general story of the reviewed movie.
• Learners are inspired by the educational story which is told in the movie.

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A movie review is a brief information (read: overview) of the description and story being told in the movie. The purpose of giving a movie review is to provide the readers a quick description of the movie that they can read at a glance while exploring some strong and weak aspects of the movie. In some cases, a move review can also contain criticism about the movie, the process behind the seen, the impact of the movie to the public, the quality of acting, and also discussing about more aspects of a film. The aim of providing a review of a movie to the readers is to make them interested to watch the movie after reading it. Moreover, this will make the readers able to guess what kind of movie that they are going to watch.

“The purpose of giving a movie review is to provide the readers a quick description of the movie.”

The following aspects are the common things to be written in a movie review. They are listed as follows:

  • Title: The title of the movie
  • Director: The man who directed the movie
  • Time released: The place & year of the movie production
  • Duration: The length of time that we need to watch the movie
  • Genre: The type of the movie
  • Stars: The actor and the actress
  • Characters: The characters who are played in the movie
  • Setting: The place of the story
  • Synopsis: The essence of the overall story

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HUM ABOVE THE CLOUD is an Indonesian drama film by John De Rantau (Director) that was produced in 2006 (Time released). This is a fantastic movie which is telling about the struggle of young- poor boy named Denias who tries hard to be educated even though he lives in a breathtaking view in a remote vilage of Papua, Irian Jaya. The stars of this film are Albert Fakdawer as Denias, Ari Sihasale as Maleo, Marccella Zalianti as teacher, and many other artists.

Denias is eager to study at a formal school since so far the only school that he has ever had was an informal education. He got his first informal education from Maleo, an Indonesian soldier who devotes himself to teach children in rural area of Papua highland for certain period of time then he is back to his squad and never comes back again. This is Denias’ first lost.

The second lost is the greatest one. It is the saddest shocking moment in the flow of the story. This happens when Denias causes his Honai (the traditional house) burnt unintentionally and his mother becomes the victim of the fire. Before leaving this world, his mother gives her last message to him. She tells Denias that whatever the risk he has to go to school and study. This voice keeps going on his head and always motivates him.

Since Denias is incredibly motivated to study, he feels that he should continue his education and enter the formal school. He knows that there is a good and elite school in town where all the students come from rich families and have high social status. Somehow he is curious to know about that school. He has a strong learning spirit. He dares to take a chance and leaves his village to take a long rough journey to go to school. The journey to visit the school in town is very challenging and dangerous for a boy to get through. It becomes more challenging because he has to be invisible when passing the military checking point. He hides in the back of an open vehicle.

By the help of his friend Enios, Denias is able to come to his dream school. He can make interaction with some of the school personnel there. Many things and conflicts happen in this scene. Social conflict, love, hatred, and friendship occur and grow here. After several tests, Denias and Enios are accepted to be the students in that school when they bring book of proof of their previous study.

Example of understanding details from a movie review:
What is the title of the movie? The title is “Hum above the Cloud”
Who is the director of the movie? The director is John De Rantau (See the first line on the first paragraph)
When is the release of the film? The release is on 2006 ((See the second line on the first paragraph)

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