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Understanding Narrative Text: Play

Understanding Narrative Text: Play – Basic competence: Understanding and responding to the meaning of a monologue text which uses the oral expressions accurately, clearly, and acceptable in daily conversation


In this lesson, you will learn how to understand and how to respond to the meaning of a text, in the form of a narrative story—a play or drama script.

Understanding narrative text: Play

Basically, what you will read in this lesson is a play/ drama script. This script is used as a guideline to a storyline that drama players will act out on a stage. The composition of a play script is very similar to that of a narrative text. As a review, a narrative text is a text functioning to tell the readers an amusing story. Its purposes are to entertain and to gain readers’ interests. It can also be used to persuade or to deliver one’s ideas. A narrative text consists of complication or problematic events and the resolution. A narrative text can be both fiction (novels, short stories) and non-fiction (memoirs, news). It uses imaginative and expressive language to keep the readers interested, and to successfully deliver the stories and the feelings.

Language Feature

In constructing a narrative text, besides generic structure, you should pay attention to its language features as follows:
the use of adjectives to illustrate the characters and the atmosphere;
• the use of time connectors and conjunctions to chronologically sequence events;
• the use of adverbs and adverbial phrases to locate the particular incidents or events;
• the use of past tense action verbs to indicate the actions in a narrative.

Do You Understand?

A play

What differentiates a play is that in the play, there are many parts of dialogues among the characters to describe what was happening in the story; it is also used by actors in a drama performance. Hence, you have to pay more attention to the dialogues to understand the story. Look at an example of a play script titled “The queen named Elia” below.

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Key Points

In conclusion, there are several things you should note about in a narrative text:
• a narrative text, it doesn’t matter what the type is (including drama/ play script) is a kind of text aimed to amuse and to entertain readers;
• a narrative text has their own generic structures and language features;
• a play script is a kind of a narrative text which is not only containing a story but also including dialogues, guides of acts, guides of setting, for the characters to act out and crew to prepare set and properties.

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