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Writing Narrative Text To Amuse or Entertain The Readers

Writing Narrative Text To Amuse or Entertain The Readers

Learning Objectives

  • Learners are able to understand the concept of writing narrative text.
  • Learners are able to differentiate the generic structure of narrative text.
  • Learners are able to arrange narrative text.

Writting Narrative Teks

The purpose of writing narrative is to amuse or entertain the readers. The story is a light-thinking story. Most people love narratives, both children and adults. It is because narratives can bring you excitement through unlimited imagination.

To write a narrative, the writer needs to build the storyline, settings, and of course the characters. Writing narratives is different with academic writing. In academic writing, the text has to be based on empirical evidences or real facts; whereas narrative writing is based on the writer’s imagination.

In writing narratives, the writer must be aware of the generic structure and the linguistic features. The generic structure involves orientation, compilation and resolution.

The Generic Structure of Narrative Texts


The function of orientation is to introduce the characters and the settings of the story. Characters are those who are involved in the story. They can be human, animal or creature.
Settings are the introduction of the environment and situation in the story. Setting of place describes the environment that sets the story. And setting of time is the description of the time that sets the story.


The function of compilation is to make to add spirit to the story by giving conflict that appears within the characters. The conflict might be followed by rising problem that leads to the climax.
The easiest way to create conflict can be seen as follow:

  • The main character versus himself.
  • The main character versus another character.
  • The main character versus several characters.
  • The main character versus a group of people.


The function of resolution is as the problem solving. It provides the solution of the problem. This is the ending of the story. It can be happy ending or sad ending.

The Language Feature of Narrative Texts

The linguistic features concern on the use of the Noun and the tense of the language that is simple past.

  • The use of noun to show the characters, such as the cats, the deer, the monkey, the crocodile, etc.
  • The use of action verbs in form of past tense. It is because usually the story took place in past time, such as lived, ate, drank, thought, said, asked, answered, and so on.
  • The use of to be in form of past tense (was and were)

Do You Understand?

To enhance your understanding about narrative text, please read the following passage.

Once upon a time in a Borneo jungle, there lived a group of honeybees who built their hive on a top branch of jack fruit tree. They were led by a wise queen. They had a neighbor, a gecko who stayed on a big broken branch in the middle stem of the tree.

In summer, the tree produced a lot of ripe jack fruits. The honeybees loved the fruit because they were sweet; they could use it to make honey. The smell of the fruits attracted insects to come approach. The gecko could easily catch them and satisfy his hunger every day.

In rainy season, the rain made the ripe jack fruits rotten. The rotten fruits could not hang on the branch and fall into the ground. This condition made the insects went away because there were no sweet jack fruits anymore. This situation was a great lost for the gecko because he could not get easy meals as usual.

He began to think if he could steal honey from the hive to satisfy his hunger because he thought it would be easy and yummy. The gecko did his plan. He entered the hive without permission and suddenly the angry bees came out; they were ready to attack him together. The gecko ran away and scared to death.

Luckily, the queen bee warned her army not to sting him. She flew to the gecko and said to him, “Why didn’t you ask for honey to us? We would be happy to give some honey to you if you asked us.” Before the wise queen flew away into her hive, she gave a jar of honey to the gecko. The gecko couldn’t say a word. He felt ashamed of what he did. He cried and said sorry to the queen be and her bees.

Key Points

Here are several things you should remember in writing a narrative.
• In writing a narrative story, pay attention to the plot (how events in the story runs).
• Use appropriate language features.
• Observation or research can be done for inspiration.

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